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The Center for Ecological-Noosphere Studies is a state non-profit organization founded in 1989 by a special governmental decree as a principal research organization carrying out fundamental and applied studies in the field of ecology and environmental protection.

At present, the Ecocenter conducts 8 budgetary supported scientific programs and numbers 72 employees, 50 of them being researchers (6 doctors of sciences and 14 candidates of sciences).

Multidisciplinary investigations carried out at the Ecocenter are oriented at the complex assessment of the territory ecological state and elaboration of scientific-methodical fundamentals of ecological expertise, optimization of nature management processes.

The structure of the Ecocenter comprises a number of problemoriented laboratories conducting investigations in the following areas:

   environmental geochemistry,

   biogeochemical cycles,


   radioecology (systematic collection of primary information has been carried out since 1958),


   assessment and mapping of landscapes and natural resources,

   geopathogenic zones,

   computer technologies and databases in the field of environmental protection.

Along with topics determined by state financial support, the Ecocenter has implemented a number of largescale contract based works: Design works, environmental impact assessment, ecologically oriented technologies.

The Ecocenter provides opportunities for senior students of ecological departments of biological and geographical faculties of the Yerevan State University and Ecological department of the Yerevan branch of the Moscow Ecological-Politological University to carry out their practice and prepare diploma projects. Currently at the Ecocenter 10 post-graduate students are involved in preparation of their PhD dissertations.

The Ecocenter co-operates with a number of national environmental NGOs: Women's Ecological Assembly, Youth Ecological Group, the Nature Conservation Society of Armenia and so on.

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