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"Reserve Park Complex" is an environmental, scientific-research, ecoeducational State Non-Commercial Organization. It is situated in Jrvezh village, Kotajk marz. The organization's subject and purpose is to provide monitoring, scientific research, inventory, reproduction, rehabilitation, protection, conservation of nature heritage, landscape and biodiversity, natural ecosystems of reserve and reservations areas and natural resources sustainable use.
With that purpose the organization:

1. provides the protection of nature heritage, genebank, landscape and biodiversity of natural ecosystems of reserve and reservations areas, organizes and implements their scientific research.
2. organizes and implements the inventory of flora and fauna and ecosystems and their separate components in the mentioned areas and prepares the necessary materials for conducting cadastre.
3. implements monitoring and conducts nature annals.
4. organizes recreation (daily) and ecotourism.
5. implements fire security activities by the defined order.
6. projects and organizes scientific research activities.
7. prepares and publishes scientific and scientific-research literature and information materials.
8. participates in international environmental projects.

The science division of the organization.

1. organizes and implements research of the ecosystems of reserve and reservation and their components.
2. elaborates and improves environmental and nature use methods.
3. organizes experimental and other scientific research activities with the purpose of reproduction of rare and extinct species of wild animals and plants.
4. organizes and implements environmental monitoring in the areas of reserve and reservation.
5. prepares and publishes scientific and scientific-research materials.

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