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The Armenian Agricultural Academy was established as result of integrating the Agricultural Institute with the Institute of Livestock and Veterinarian Studies. Concurrent to the integration, starting from January, 1995, the Rector's staff and the faculty of the Academy initiated a completely new model for training for agriculture which implied a triple-degree system of education, which enables the Academy to develop a system conforming to the International educational standards. During the consequent years, the Academy has worked hard on providing establishment of regional agricultural colleges and high schools and implementation of their curricula. The list of professions and subject-matter expertise demanded by the agricultural sector that some professions have acquired extreme importance today in the new Market Economy of the newly independent Republic.

Curricula for these programs were developed and incorporated into the overall educational system starting from 1995-1996 school year.

The Agricultural Academy provides training in 25 disciplines (15 of them in the Correspondent Studies Program). Four departments are included in the Academy Agrarian, Economics, Veterinarian, Engineering, Department of Correspondent Studies, Department of pre-educational Studies (vocational colleges, high schools) as well as 41 chairs (or programs). 4337 students currently study in the Academy, of which 1693 are in regular programs, 2207 in the Correspondent Studies Department, 268 - in the college, 169 - in High School. The Academy has a powerful workforce of faculty and researchers: 430 faculty members, 110 Doctors of Sciences, 239 Candidates of Sciences. Five Professional Boards issuing a Doctor of Sciences Degree, work in the Academy. Those are: Professional Board of Agronomy, Veterinarian, Livestock Sciences, Engineering, Technologies. During the period of 1994-1998 the boards have reviewed 54 dissertations, 19 of which were claiming a Doctor's Degree.

Researchers of the Academy have had great input in furthering the development of the Agricultural Research, innovative modern technologies, in conservation and improvement of the genetic fund of valuable crop varieties, animal breeds. At present, 35 research projects, totaling at 22.5 mln. Drams, are funded by the Government and the Ministry of Agriculture and are implemented by different Programs and Laboratories of the Agriculture Academy.

The Agricultural Academy is working towards improvement of educational and research programs through expanding international relationships and adapting advanced practices and experiences of foreign universities. Various programmatic and extensive projects are underway in collaboration with U.S. Universities and USDA. Faculty and students from the Agricultural Academy participate in experience exchange projects, training and professional development projects in the U.S., United Kingdom, France, Germany, Greece, Iran and other countries. Every year, participation of the researchers from the Academy in joint research and educational projects with international organizations grows as well as their input in the endeavor of overall social development.

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