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Institute of Botany of the Armenian National Academy of Sciences is founded in 1939. It is situated in Yerevan, in Avan street. The structure of the Institute includes the following departments

1. Plant Taxonomy and Geography
2. Plant Physiology
3. Geobotany and Ecology
4. Plant Raw Materials
5. Forest Science (including the high-mountain basic station of forest reclamation in Tsovinar)
6. Yerevan Botanical Garden (including the Vanadzor and Sevan branches) with a greenhouse with plant collections, floricultural group and dendrology division.

In the Institute research activities are carried out in two main directions

1. Biodiversity of the flora of Armenia
2. Protection and recreation of biodiversity of flora (genepool) in the Botanical Gardens of Armenia.

The following investigations are involved in these two directions:

1. Armenian wild medicinal plants and preparations.
2. Flora of Armenia, its investigation and protection.
3. Main problems of the taxonomy and phylogeny and karyological and palynological investigations concerning to the separate taxa of the Armenian flora.
4. Investigation of the taxonomic and nomenclatural composition of the Herbarium collection.
5. Weed flora and vegetation of Armenia.
6. Physiological and biochemical principles of the evolutionary increase of yielding capacity of trees and shrubs and possibilities of their practical application.
7. Chronobiological system of higher plants and prospects to use its elements in the practice of plant growing.
8. Ways of desertification control by means of trees and shrubs plantation in Ararat plain.
9. Plant incompatibility and selective fertilization (theoretical and practical aspects)
10. Protection and restoration of the rare, threatened and endemic plant and animal species of Armenia.
11. Elaboration of the scientific ways of forest amelioration of the soils unavailable for agricultural purposes in the Ararat plain.
12. Ecological and physiological principles of high-mountain plants and communities vitality.
13. Retroevolution highlighting of the main problem and attempt of its experimental etymology.
14. Efficient ways of conservation and enrichment of the world dendroflora diversity in the Armenian Botanical Gardens.

The Institute has regular connections on seed exchange with more than 400 Botanical Gardens and Herbarium exchange with numerous leading institutions.

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