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Minutes on workshop-conference taken place on December 15-16 of 2005 in Conference-Hall of Hrazdan hotel in the scope of project on "In-situ Conservation of Crop Wild Relatives Through Enhanced Information Management and Field Application" on the International Treaty on Plant Genetic resources for Food and Agriculture and CWR Conservation

About 50 participants were present at the workshop-conference.

The first deputy minister of the ̀inister of the Nature Protection of the Republic of Armenia Simon Papyan and FAO representative's assistant of Armenia Avetik Nersisyan express their greeting to the participants.
It was shown a film about of international treaty on the significance and importance of plant genetic resources for agriculture. During the report was introduced the International Treaty on Plant Genetic resources for Food and Agriculture and CWR Conservation.

The local specialists asked how many states are member of this treaty.
Mr. D. Manzella answered that one of the reasons why the states don't participate in this treaty is the lack of information and also noted that in the case of not being member Armenia will lose many possibilities.

By the end of the presentation of "The projects and proposals of Food and Agriculture Organization" the local specialist asked various issues on the document of CWR in-situ conservation legal assistance (author Haykanush Parsamyan National Expert of FAO). Having previously familiar to the above mentioned document noted that material have many incorrect, professional and linguistic gaps, a range incorrect of important law-terms. It was noted by local specialists that it is more conducive to evaluate the existing genetic resources, to specify present gaps and only after that speak about changes in legislation. Only on this stage it will be possible to decide which way will be chosen to make changes in legislation or to develop new low. On this notes Mr. D. Manzella answered that works were done in short time and the main objectives of the documents are implementation of juristically norms and not to give solutions to the present problems.

On 16th of December the workshop started by welcome speech of A. Danielyan the national coordinator of the CWR project, after that it was presented the key purposes of the project, existing objectives related to conservation of CWR and sustainable use, as well as the implemented works.

Edward Martirosyan, the team leader of Information Management, had presentation on National Data base collection tool. He noted that when project was started there wasn't any format for database and were spend long time on discussions. He told that complex format of database is approved today. Simply this is one tool, where collected full information about plant species, taxonomy, conservation, population, climate, biology, utilization, legislation, institutions and references. Participant suggested making some amendments in the CWRDCS system, on which the team leader answered that it is planned and until by end of this year it will be organized meeting where the issues will be discussed in details. As it is known Erebuni reserve is called to conserve cereals including the unique gene-pool of wild wheat in the world. It is foreseen to implement conservation actions in Erebuni reserve taking into account the scientific and practical importance of conservation of cereals crop wild relatives and international significance in the context of the project.

H. Hovhannisyan represented in short presentation the main aspects of benefit sharing in Armenia. As he noted that there are some difficulties concerned on counting of all benefits of wild plant, because there is no control on use of these species. He represented differences between crops and crop wild relatives in the sphere of benefit sharing.

The scientist of Erebuni reserve Mr. V. Voskanyan represented the objectives of conservation of CWR and Erebuni reserve management improvement. He noted that 89 ha territory is not enough for seed exchange. He suggested making from nearby reserve 100 m radiuses as seed field. He maintained to give legal status to Erebuni reserve.

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